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LED Lighting
[more]• LED Packaging R&D center with patented technologies
• Over 100,000 square meters packaging, SMT and assembly lines
Strive to become a global leader in LED lighting
[more]• The 3rd generation of solar power technology -concentrated photo voltaic (CPV)
• Involvement in nuclear power generation
• Partners:Areva
Precision Machine
[more]• Metal components and subassemblies of machine tool
• Partners: the top two EDM manufacturer in the world---Agie Charmilles, Sodick
Smart Device
[more]• Qualified supplier of the biggest ATM manufacturer in the world
• Providing precise manufacturing and technical service for the intelligent equipment in bulk
[more]• Huge increase in the need of the global mobile communication base station antenna and antenna
• Partners: Powerwave,     Andrew, RFS
[more]• An increasing need of the precise sheet metal parts from semi-conductor equipment manufacturer
• Proving subassemblies to the leading semi-conductor equipment manufacturer
Precision Casting
[more]• Vertically integrated die-casting system
• Providing precise die-casting products and technical service in bulk
Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
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