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Integrated manufacturing industrial chain, efficient manufacturing cost control ability, quick response to customers and market.

Technique R&D advantage
In the past 10 years’ development, DSBJ has paid high attention to technology investment. Along with the establishment of Enterprise Technique Center, products’ function problem solving program is formed mainly in the field of communication business, new energy, precision machine tool and so on.
With abundant technique ability, business in DSBJ has developed rapidly in the period of verification and the annual growth rate is up to 40%. We have been the long-term steady supplier for Andraw, RFS, Powerwave and so on.
Equipment and industrial chain advantage
Core equipments—Salvagnini auto-manufacturing line, NC laser cutting machine, NC bending machine, Robot welding system, Robot assembly system etc., which are imported from Italy, Germany, Japan etc.
Our powder coating system built up by ourselves on the bases of tracking and researching the more advanced powder coating equipments from developed countries, has reach the level of advanced equipment in developed countries.
According to the developing requirement, the integrated manufacturing chain including stereoscopic auto- warehouse system, punching machines, Die-casting mating system, surface treatment system, assembly manufacturing system, environment monitoring system etc. has been set up.
Scope advantage
Currently, the asset size of DSBJ is over 680 million RMB. The sales volume in 2008 is 509 million RMB, 34.12% more than 2007. Both the asset size and sales volume of DSBJ situate in the front rows in national precision sheet metal manufacturing and serving industry.
With large asset size and the ability of manufacturing and sales, trust level from customer has been strengthened, operating cost has been reduced and economic benefit has been increased.
High-level customer advantage
Since the establishment, DSBJ has been applying herself to constructing the competitive enterprise culture. With 10 years’ publicizing, implementing and refining, an integrated enterprise culture system has been formed, the achievement and publicizing & implementing ability has been approved and respected universally by this industry. In 2006, DSBJ awarded “Top Ten Enterprise Culture Value Brand of China”.
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